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The toast of cinema

The toast of cinema

The toast of cinema

Sometimes making a great film isn’t enough. Without a crucial helping hand, what could have been a cinematic classic ends up being an overlooked gem.

That’s where Stella Artois Bursaries come in. Stella Artois has long been synonymous with quality film, thanks to film seasons and film-related sponsorship deals.

Now it has taken it a step further with Stella Artois Bursaries; launching in 2012, these are funds that support the release of outstanding independent films. That could mean putting on a satellite Q&A event, a red-carpet premiere, preview screenings or premiere after-parties. Stella Artois Bursaries are more than just sponsorship: this is about putting belief behind a film. 

Civil-rights drama Selma is just one recent film to benefit from the initiative; Stella Artois Bursaries funded the multiple Oscar-nominated film’s London premiere and post-premiere event. What’s more, three more films will benefit from Stella Artois Bursaries this year. Indeed, since launch, Stella Artois has awarded 12 bursaries and supported 11 films by enabling premieres, after parties, events and more.

 Phil Pick, marketing manager at Stella Artois, says: “The scheme was launched to keep the excitement of cinema alive and allow film lovers unprecedented access to bespoke moments in film.”

It’s no wonder Stella Artois has teamed up with us for the ShortList Film Club, which is all about championing films we love. Next up is Spooks: The Greater Good, with the final batch of tickets released on 29 April at 3pm.

Screenings take place on 4 May in Edinburgh (Cameo, 12noon), London (Clapham Picturehouse, 6pm; Gate Picturehouse, 9pm) and Liverpool (Picturehouse at FACT, 6pm), and on 5 May in Birmingham (The Electric, 8pm) and London (Stratford Picturehouse, 8.30pm). Tickets are available through ourscreen;;