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A pretty unexpected director is in talks with Disney about taking on the Star Wars and Marvel universes

Place your bets for a Ben Affleck cameo

A pretty unexpected director is in talks with Disney about taking on the Star Wars and Marvel universes

Despite Star Wars films being like (multi-million pound) buses, in that you wait decades for one and then you…get one every year, or something, we’re still excited when any talk of the franchise’s next move bubbles up in the rumour mill.

That’s why when Kevin Smith, cult director of Clerks, Mallrats, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, was spotted at Comic Con in Seattle, having a meeting with Disney, the Geekiverse went into overdrive. 

Would it be the next Star Wars? Or the next Marvel film? 

Here’s what we do know: not much, really.

All we know is that he had a meeting with Disney, who own Marvel, and now Star Wars. Hence why they’re churning out films faster than the Fast and the Furious franchise, which is, fast.

Perhaps they’re looking for a pair of fresh eyes to save the series after the recent Han Solo film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, underperformed at the box office, at least in comparison to the huge successes of The Force AwakensRogue One and The Last Jedi

Who can blame them? Smith is a respected director whose loyal fan base and unique set of influences could be a great answer to their recent stall. 

Smith’s films are known for their own idiosyncrasies and crossover references between projects, set in their own fictional universe, hmmm, what does that remind you of? *Nods wildly to Star Wars and Marvel films*

So what could be afoot? Will we see some crossover in the next Avengers movie to Smith’s View Askewniverse? Will his favourite collaborator Ben Affleck finally be able to shed the cold, heavy dead skin of the worst batman film of all time, and transcend over to Marvel?

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago Smith shared ‘the letter that changed my life’ on Twitter - the official acceptance letter from the Sundance festival for his independent 1994 cult classic Clerks.

Maybe he’ll be sharing a similar letter in 24 years time from the folks at Disney?

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