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The traditional stag do is dying, and guess whose fault it is...

What's the point of a stag do without far too much booze?

The traditional stag do is dying, and guess whose fault it is...
23 August 2017

For me, the perfect depiction of the traditional stag do is that seen in Men Behaving Badly.

The soon-to-be-wed Gary and best mate Tony go for a wild night out on the bloody beers to celebrate his last night as a ‘free man’, after making copious ‘stag’ noises, before waking up the next day with mother of all hangovers; the groom having spent the night with a prostitute and best man asleep on a wine rack with a can of Stella in hand. It’s got all the classic ingredients of what people consider the textbook stag night to have: bloody beers, massive debauchery and dubious sexual activity.

But it seems that this version of the stag do is aging as badly as the fashion in that clip. Which, to be fair, has aged atrociously badly.

According to definitely-not-biased research by Surf Snowdonia, and also according to Britain’s biggest stag party organisers, there has been a surge in popularity of more ‘experiencial’ stag parties – away from pubs and strip clubs and towards the likes of baking classes, wrestling schools and zombie bootcamps – and it’s because of those pesky millennials again.

The thinking is that this is a result of the increase in the average age of grooms, which now stands at a geriatric 32.7 years old, by which time three continental lagers and a couple of overenthusiastic dance moves are enough to finish you off for a week.

The ‘research’ reports that stags dos are more keen to get active and create eventful ‘memories’, instead of downing yards of ale and pickling their brains. Basically like Mark from Peep Show.

But I’m dubious about this. Granted, the more seedy end of the debauchery is a undoubtedly step too far for someone seriously embarking on a new life together with their beloved, what is the point of a stag do if you can’t get absolutely ruddy banjaxed, burn up the dancefloor chucking out some legendary shapes and top it off by falling asleep face down on a kebab in a Travelodge? We didn’t fight a war to voluntarily give this up, people. Man up.

Fortunately, we’ve still got #lads like this chap around to keep the stag fires burning.