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Spotify’s new plan lets you filter out sweary songs

Make sure your playlists are cool for school

Spotify’s new plan lets you filter out sweary songs
Holly Pyne
19 August 2019

Is your family always squabbling over who’s in charge of the playlist? Concerned your latest playlist is not suitable for younger siblings? Maybe Spotify’s new upgrade can help you.

The streaming service has added features to its Premium Family Plan that allow you to filter out songs with swearing, violent and drug-related content. Parents will now be able to control the ‘Explicit Content Filter’ setting of all other accounts on the plan - a “long-requested feature” according to Spotify.

Its ‘Family Hub’ also lets you easily add and remove users, adjust parental controls and update an account information all in one place. And the third new feature is a ‘Family Mix’, which is a personalised playlist that is updated regularly with your favourites. You can even control who is in the session so that you don’t get too many nursery rhymes in the mix.

Don’t worry though, you can still have your own account, too. The plan provides six individual Spotify Premium accounts “for family members living under one roof”

Sounds cool, huh? The downside is these new features are currently only available in Ireland. Those of us living elsewhere will have to wait until autumn to get our hands on the new features.