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These are the best of Spotify's gaming playlists

Spotify wants to be your Player 2

These are the best of Spotify's gaming playlists

Spotify wants to be your Player 2, with the launch of a dedicated music section.

Having soundtracked your gym sessions, walks home, Friday night chills and just about every other occasion you want to put to music, its new 'Gaming' category offers two brilliant angles: foremost, it's a home to find your favourite original gaming scores, allowing you pull some motivation from your preferred gaming world to tear through that quarterly report like it's a big boss battle.

Secondly, should you be growing tired of a game's own soundtrack, Spotify Gaming offers a heap of curated playlists to add a killer edge to your gaming session.

We've collected together some of the best playlists - of both original soundtracks and curated playlists - for you to sample below. Game on.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert soundtrack

Perfect for: partying like it's 1996.

Street Fighter II soundtrack

Perfect for: feeling like a total badass. Seriously, Guile's theme is one of the funkiest things you've ever heard.

Sword & Sworcery LP

Perfect for: a gaming-flavoured chill out session. One of the best video game soundtracks of recent years.

The music of Grand Theft Auto V

Perfect for: living a gangsta life. (Warning: may have negative impact on driving ability).


Perfect for: feeling like a retro speedster on your road trips.

Top Gaming Tracks

Perfect for: sticking on when you're bored of the Fifa track list.

Black Mesa Soundtrack

Perfect for: some ambient chill out, tinged with nineties nostalgia.

BioShock 2 soundtrack

Perfect for: dance hall grooves, classic swing and formative American jazz.