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Absolutely everybody missed this cool Batman Easter egg in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Is that... BATMAN?

Absolutely everybody missed this cool Batman Easter egg in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
16 August 2018

Saw Spider-Man: Homecoming did ya? Saw that all the way through? Well done you, you’re a show-off aren’t ya? But we bet you didn’t notice a great big Easter Egg hiding in there, did you? A BIG OLD BATMAN EGG RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE? No, you didn’t!

Did you see the following:

Oh God! It’s Batman! Well, it’s Michael Keaton as Vulture, but it looks like Batman! And Michael Keaton played Batman! It’s Batman! Or, like, at least the Bat Signal or something.

Of course, this could be a large coincidence, but a fun little Easter Egg slipped in by cast and crew isn’t a long shot - it makes sense, doesn’t it? And besides, Tom Holland had previously spoken about the Batman nuggets that were thrown around the set of the film, saying:

“There’s a great scene - it’s not in the movie, it was cut short - where I carry the Vulture out of the flames when he nearly dies and I rescue him.

“I lay him down on the sand and he says, I think the line was ‘Why did you save me?’ And I’m like, ‘Because I’m Spider-Man,’ and then he goes, ‘But I’m Batman!’”

Holland added:

“I will never forget that. He was amazing to work with. Terrifying. That scene we shot in the car was so stressful, was so unbelievably stressful, and we shot it for a whole day and as soon as you’d call ‘cut’ he was like the nicest guy ever and you’d be talking about whatever, but then you’d call ‘action’ and he would sort of become this villain and I’d be like, ‘Okay, cut!’ But it was amazing to work with him.”

So it’s up to you whether that’s the Bat Signal there, but let’s just say it is, OK? Makes things a little bit more fun, doesn’t it? Lord knows we need it in 2018.

(Image: Disney/Warner Bros.)