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Sorry FUBAR, Netflix's new number one show is a must watch

Netflix's hit show moves straight to the top spot.

Sorry FUBAR, Netflix's new number one show is a must watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger's first foray into TV gained him a number one Netflix show but it's now all change at the top, with the final season of a classic sci-fi series now Netflix's most-watched show.

Manifest is a show that has gained both critical and commercial success and it is one of those rare shows that was saved from cancelation by Netflix.

Given Netflix is usually the one doing the canceling, it decided to save Manifest when NBC decided it didn't want the show after three seasons. When this happened Netflix stepped in and commissioned it for one further - the final part of the fourth and final season is now streaming of Netflix and it has entered the charts right at number one.

Lost in time and space

Sorry FUBAR, Netflix's new number one show is a must watch

For those who are haven't yet watched this sci-fi tale, you really should. It has huge Lost vibes, with the plot focusing on a group of travellers whose plan they were in went missing, only to reappear years later.

Couple this with some visions of the future and other strange goings-on and what you have is an epic show in the Lost mould.
And when you get to the fourth season, the connections to Lost are even more apparent.

Manifest currently has a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but we reckon that's a bit low for the show, which really has come of age in this final season.

According to FlixPatrol, Manifest is now the number one Netflix show globally, with FUBAR dropping to third place.

Here's the current top 10...

1. Manifest
2. Perfil falso
5. XO, Kitty
6. Doctor Cha
7. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
8. Valeria
9. New Amsterdam
10. The Good Bad Mother