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Sony unlocks PS1 classics on your PlayStation 5

Ready for Riiiiidge Racerrrr?

Sony unlocks PS1 classics on your PlayStation 5
Andrew Williams
16 August 2023

Sony has made a handful of classic PS1 titles available to buy on PS5 and PS4.

Gamers of a certain vintage will definitely want to check out a few of these games - and our best PS1 games list - which include Tekken 2 among others.

These titles weren’t exactly lost to time, but until someone over at the Resetera forums spotted their store listings, your only option for PS5 was to sign up to the PlayStation Plus Premium sub.

For the uninitiated, PlayStation Plus Premium unlocks access to a fat slab of retro titles from the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP generations.

But your access is blocked when you sub runs out, unlike the one-off buy option, which has now been unlocked for a few PS1 classics.

What games? As well as Tekken 2, we have Ridge Racer 2, Mr. Driller and Ridge Racer Type 4.

It’s the Namco factor that brings these titles together. All were published by Namco Bandai. You’ll pay £7.99 a pop, or $9.99 in the US.

Sony unlocks PS1 classics on your PlayStation 5
Image Credit: Namco Bandai

Not clued up on these classics yet? Tekken 2 was released in 1995, as part of the early waves of 3D fighters designed to make Street Fighter 2 look like old-fashioned trash.

Mr. Driller is an arcade classic, but not from the 80s old-school. It was released in 1999, just a year before the PlayStation 2 arrived.

The version of Ridge Racer 2 we get here is the PSP version from 2006. This isn’t a port of the arcade original from 1994, which was just a slightly tweaked version of the original Ridge Racer.

If you’re just here for the most legit and musty of retro titles, you’ll want Ridge Racer Type 4 instead. This is a 1998 PS1 game, and the best Ridge Racer title available on that classic console.