Sonic Goes On A Bloody Rampage


You knew Sonic was going to snap one day or another. And it looks as if like that day has finally come.

Wackily conjured up by the pixel-savvy gaming fans over at Dorkly (who recently brought us this gem), the group's latest video hints at exactly what would happen if the blue and ceaselessly energetic hero were ever to overdose on power-ups…

‘Roid rage, in short, causing the speedy blue hero to turn into a vein-popping monster. A monster who thinks nothing of dismembering the tail of Tails, and the knuckles of Knuckles in his bloody, wild-eyed rampage across the normally peaceful Emerald landscape in pursuit of Dr Robotnik.

We love it. Though we’re not exactly expecting an official release from Sega anytime soon.


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