Someone discovered a locked box from WWII and its contents are incredible


As a child there’s a pretty good chance that you spent a fairly large proportion of your time imagining what it would be like to find buried treasure or a secret Aladdin’s cave full of skulls, crossbones and other pirate stuff.

But as we grow older and our dreams never really materialise we slowly forget about this fascination, or at least we did until last year when someone found that Nazi ghost train full of gold and we got excited about the prospect of discovery again. Mostly though we gave up on the hope, which is why it’s always nice to discover stories like this one involving a locked box full of strange WWII relics.

Supposedly discovered in the Nevsky Pyatachok area of Russia, images show the box being dug up and opened to reveal clothing, alcohol, cash and other military paraphanelia - seemingly from a German soldier serving on the Eastern front. The internet reaction to this has obviously been a mixture of sheer amazement and sad cynicism that it’s a fake. We’re deciding to believe that it’s real because life is much more interesting that way.

Take a look below.