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This popular 'Solo' fan theory has been officially confirmed

By no less than the official Star Wars Twitter account

This popular 'Solo' fan theory has been officially confirmed
04 June 2018

The two best types of fan theories are the ones that turn out to be correct and the ones that are so incredibly stupid that they can’t even be proven or disproven because they operate on their own plane of logic. 

The latter are the ones where, like, Keanu Reeves’ character in Speed is Ted from Bill & Ted in an alternate universe where the events of the two (so far) B&T films never happened, so he got sent to military school, then he joined the police and changed his name because he hated his dad or something. Which is absolutely not true, but it is nice to think about and incredibly satisfying to disprove when you’re in the pub with your mates.

The other kinds of fan theories are the ones that add a new dimension to onscreen events, and thanks to the official Star Wars Twitter account, Solo has one, a fully confirmed, officially endorsed fan theory.

Spoilers ahead…

So, at the end of Solo, L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s rights-for-robots droid character) has her cyber-consciousness uploaded to the Millennium Falcon by Donald Glover’s space-playboy Lando Calrissian.

Later on (well, later on within the chronology of the film but 35 years earlier in terms of release), in The Empire Strikes Back, C3-PO chats to the Millennium Falcon and, in his makes-no-sense-as-a-robot way, reports back “I don’t know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect”.

Is that due to being L3-37? A lot of fans have speculated since seeing the new film, and now Star Wars him/her/itself has pretty much confirmed it on Twitter. 

So, every time anyone communicated with the Millennium Falcon, they’re chatting to Fleabag. That means that, in Episode IX (or X or XI or XII – they’re never going to stop making these things) they could, if they wanted, implant another droid with the ship’s consciousness and have Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the film again.

Or, they could do a poorly thought-through Tron-style spin-off set inside her workings. 

Or, give her a wisecracking virus, and you can pretty much remake Fleabag but set inside the mind of a spaceship. 

It doesn’t sound amazing, no, but The Matrix probably sounded rubbish at the ideas stage too…

(Image: Disney)