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Snooker's Steve Davis is a techno DJ and he's bloody good

‎SnookerstarDJ‬ HERE we go!

Snooker's Steve Davis is a techno DJ and he's bloody good

Steve Davis, boring? Not a chance.

Long viewed as banal even by snooker’s waistcoat-wearing standards, those in-the-know may already be aware of the former potting supremo's rather surprising pastime: he’s a techno DJ.

Yes, Steve Davis, the very same man regularly found making monotone small talk with Hazel Irvine in dark rooms, has been playing dark tunes for listeners of Brentwood’s Phoenix FM for a little while now. But he took a big gamble last month with his first major live appearance, playing a set at Bloc Festival.

Impressing revellers with some seriously upbeat tunes - presumably played at 147bpm – it was some debut. And happily, for those of us who sadly missed out, Davis’s adventure was documented for BBC short film Snookerstar DJ, which you can watch in all its eight minutes of glory on iPlayer now. Shot and directed by Chris Peacock Martinez, we recommend it.

Not that he’s the only former sportsman to find themselves a current headline DJ act right now: ex-footballer Pat Nevin continues to pop up at the odd indie nights in trendy areas of East London, though if we're thinking of one man who should be spinning the turntables at Glasto this summer, it's this one. 

Sign him up, Eavis.