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Skincare evolved

A cell-regenerating serum that you can mix yourself

Skincare evolved
Danielle de Wolfe
25 September 2011

How long does your moisturiser last? For most people it’s a few months, and even then — if you remember to actually use it — you’re likely to run out before it’s past its best. La Prairie’s latest serum is a little different — you’ve only got a seven-day window in which to use a treatment.

So the obvious questions to ask are, “How could this ever be a good thing?” and “How do I know it hasn’t already gone off by the time I buy it?”

We can answer both of those queries. The serum doesn’t actually get activated until you break the seal, which then mixes two separate parts together. The countdown then begins. But don’t worry — there will be exactly the right amount in each container to last you a week.

The result of 70 years of cosmetic research, Cellular Power Infusion includes three patent-pending bio technologies. La Prairie claims that one will recharge the cells’ energy, one will renew the functional capacity of the skin cells and one will help to rebuild the skin tissue’s structure.

For optimum results, La Prairie recommends that you use a course of the serum for a cycle of 28 days every three to four months.

And since it costs £310 for a course of four treatments, there’s the added bonus that you’ll never forget to apply your daily moisturiser again.