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Serial Podcast Visualised

Serial Podcast Visualised

Serial Podcast Visualised
05 December 2014

Yes, much like the rest of your office, friends and cultured loved ones, we're going to talk about Serial - which means if you haven't caught the latest episode, or haven't been listening (what are you even doing here), then best save this piece away for when you're fully up to date.

If you're still here - excellent work. We don't need to waste words on you extolling the brilliance of the biggest podcast of the year, so we'll move straight to the point: are you having trouble holding together the facts? Are too many details beginning to slip your mind? Then you're in the same boat as the team of Propoint, a graphic design company in New York. 

They've come up with a brilliant visual guide to the various facts, clues and hints that have been dropped in the series so far. From key timings to character movements, the following slides will help you clarify just what's been going on in the last few gripping episodes. 

If you have any well formed (or even half baked) ideas as to what's going on, do feel free to share them in the comments below. 

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(Images: Propoint)