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The SEGA Game Gear Micro looks like a dream retro console but there's a catch

The SEGA Game Gear Micro is console you may have to buy again and again.

The SEGA Game Gear Micro looks like a dream retro console but there's a catch

SEGA has revealed that it will once again mine its past and release another retro games console - the SEGA Game Gear Micro.

The release comes off the back of the success of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini, which was an absolutely fantastic retro revival. The Game Gear Micro, though, looks to be an altogether different beast.

Announced by SEGA CEO Haruki Satomi (via SegaBits) the tiny handheld is set to be released in four separate colours. The catch is that it looks like you will only get four games on each console.

So, if you want to be a completist you may find yourself digging deep into your pockets.

It's not known if this launch will be Japan only - none of the teasers reveal where it will be released but there are a few tidbits of info: the SEGA Game Gear Micro release date in Japan at least is pegged at October 6, 2020.

Its price is currently 4,980 Yen ($46 USD / £36) per console. As there are four colour options you may have to spend upwards of $200 / £160 for the lot.

More details are set to be revealed soon but there is a great video that gives you an idea of the games to expect (spoiler: Sonic, Gunstar Heroes and Outrun are all previewed).

It also reveals a magnifying glass add-on because the screen is so small - which is one of the most retro things ever.

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