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See-Through Nike Air Force 1 Lows

See-Through Nike Air Force 1 Lows

See-Through Nike Air Force 1 Lows

Come on, admit it. You've got a favourite pair of socks, haven't you? The set that you always leave aside for those 'special' days, when just the right flash of ankle might sway the meeting/date/game. Well now Nike has made the perfect shoe to maximise your sock showing potential.

A Quickstrike release, these Air Force 1 Low's pay tribute to Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving - the man responsible for this brilliant (and controversial) handshake.

Better known for his offensive play mastery, there are two colourways for Irving's see-through trainer release: the player's signature red, black and yellow Cleveland jersey colouring and a cooler grey, white and blue option that calls on his college days at Duke. 

Both shoes feature a transparent sidepannel and toe box, giving a bizarre insight into the athlete's sock choice. Should your favourite pair need a good wash (or have several unsightly holes), each shoe does come with a matching set of socks. 

Exclusive to trainer-obsessed retailer Hanon, you can pick up a pair of these see-through Nikes for £129

(Images: Hanon)