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Scientists Create Light Bullet

Scientists Create Light Bullet

Scientists Create Light Bullet
14 November 2013

I think that we all know that the ultimate aim of civilization is to create the lightsaber. We've established that now. Well, this could be the perfect accompanying weapon.

Scientists in Greece and France have created what appear to be light bullets, that travel further and more predictably that even conventional lasers.

They have been experimenting with ring-Airy beams - a specific shape of light wave that - contrary to most of forms of light (for example, EEGB and ECGN shown above) which disperse over distance - focuses more intensely as it travels through the air.

It is thought that they may eventually be useful for precise medical operations or for industrial uses but, let's face it, its primary use will surely be taking out some stormtroopers.

[via Gizmodo]

(Image: Nature Communications)