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These are the scam banking texts you should never reply to

Don't get caught out

These are the scam banking texts you should never reply to

Scammers are getting much more sophisticated these days and, let’s face it, we’re getting stupider.

Chances are either you or someone you know has fallen victim to these dirty tricks, even if you’ve tried to stay aware of them at all times.

And now a new text-based scam has been catching people out, prompting advice on how to make sure you don’t get caught out yourself.

The issue with the latest trick is that they’re similar to genuine texts from Barclays Bank, but with some subtle differences.

Both will mention suspicious payments, or payments which tend to be flagged as suspicious, and contact you to ask if it was really you who made them.

But one thing Barclays wants to make very clear is that the bank will never provide a number in these texts on which to call them.

They have shared a selection of sample fake texts, telling people they should never reply to them.

Barclays have also encouraged you to run phone numbers through their own telephone number checker if you’re at all unsure about them.

Also be aware that legitimate texts over suspicious transfers will never require you to call a number, and you will never be asked for additional personal information like your bank card number.

Essentially, even if the text seems legit – and even if it contains a link to a Barclays website, you’ll still never be asked to give these kinds of details over the phone.

You’re best off calling your bank directly, on a number you know is theirs, rather than contacting who you might think is your bank on a number someone has texted to you.

This goes for all banks, as these scams are not limited to Barclays, so it can help to have a number for your bank to hand at all times.

Something can look legit, but you should always be specific when contacted out of the blue.

Stay safe people, it’s a cruel cruel world out there.

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