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Samsung's new TVs use AI to banish bad picture and audio forever

There's a whole heap of clever tech that goes into Samsung's 2024 TVs

Samsung's new TVs use AI to banish bad picture and audio forever
Andrew Williams
26 April 2024

Samsung has revealed its massive TV range for this year, and it includes a half-dozen brilliant uses for AI that aren’t going to steal your job or make up fake photos of your nearest and dearest.

Our top pick is the Samsung S95D, an OLED TV Samsung says is “glare-free” thanks to its new reflection-busting screen layer. This one starts at £2499 for the 55-inch version.

Even higher than that is the 8K QN900D, a monster of a QLED TV that starts at 65in and £4999, and heads off into the 85-inch stratosphere.

Bit rich for the budget? Something like the Samsung QN90D might suit. This Neo QLED TV comes in sizes as small as 43 inches and starts at a more palatable £1,399.

Going big on AI

This is just a taster of the full Samsung TV range, which is frankly huge and is best explored over at the Samsung website. But for now let’s have a closer look at those uses of AI, which are all powered by Samsung latest NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor. Ready?

  • 8K AI Upscaling Pro upgrades all content to up to 8K resolution. Naturally, this only applies to 8K sets. There’s also a 4K version.
  • AI Auto Game Mode automatically tells when you’re playing a game and tweaks the settings to match and reduces latency.
  • AI Energy Mode looks to save you money on your bills and lower energy consumption by altering the picture based on ambient light conditions.
  • Active Voice Amplifier Pro sounds like a boon for those Christopher Nolan movies, bringing out dialogue and giving it a boost to make it clearer.
  • Object Tracking Sound Pro2 also fiddles with the audio to better represent what’s happening on-screen.
  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro 2 massively increases the clarity of fast motion, which can be a massive boon for sports and action movies.

Are all these brand new technologies? Heck no. Are they all definitely legit AI? That’s up for debate. But it’s a clear sign of exactly how much is going on behind the scenes when you watch your TV.

These new Samsung sets will hit retailers from May 15.