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Samsung Teases Galaxy S6

Samsung Teases Galaxy S6

Samsung Teases Galaxy S6

All aboard the smartphone hypetrain - next stop, Galaxy City, arriving 1 March.

That's the date Samsung will reveal the next iterations of its wildly successful Galaxy smartphone, the designs of which have been teased with predictable levels of hyperbole. 

A video entitled 'The Next Galaxy' recently cropped up on the South Korean tech giant's YouTube account, an icy narrator giving scant details on the new designs: "Tomorrow, metals will flow. Beauty will be powerful. Borders will disappear. Reflections will be free. Colors will live. The future will be the present." A single image of the phone was also shared on the manufacturer's Instagram account

Meanwhile, T-Mobile's CEO John Legere took to Twitter to announce that the Galaxy S6 will be available on the network, showing off the curved screen edges of the new handset with a frankly baffling marketing tagline:

Final details on the new Galaxy are set to be revealed at Samsung's "Unpacked" event in Barcelona on 1 March - the same day HTC is due to reveal its new One handset. Forbes has word that there will be two models of the new Galaxy: one with a front-facing display and metal body, the other with two curved edges similar to the Edge handset. Both will feature 5.1 inch, 2K screens and boast a variety of dull numbers that assures that the new handsets will be of the most powerful devices you can fit in your pocket. 

We'll let you know of more stats, images and "Bendgate" parallels as soon as the veil is lifted on 1 March.