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Samsung's new TV rotates so you can show off your selfies

Perfect for Gen Z, we reckon

Samsung's new TV rotates so you can show off your selfies
06 January 2020

Ever looked at your TV and thought "I wish I could rotate this vertically so I could show everybody I'm with my selfies or scroll through Instagram on a big screen"?

Well, even if it's not crossed your mind, the new Samsung Sero TV means you can do it anyway. Amongst a raft of other Samsung products showcased at this year's CES, the Sero stands out for its millennial/Gen Z slant and pretty unique product offering.

The company notes that the model is explicitly mobile first – it's designed to pivot between portrait and landscape mode expressly for this reason.

It also works as an art piece – you can either display photos on it when you're not watching telly, or use it as a music visualiser (in a more sophisticated manner than those Windows Media Player visualisations we used to think were the height of cool, you'll be pleased to hear).

Aside from the pivot, some pretty impressive specs have been revealed – it'll be 4K, for example. No word on how big the TV will be, nor whether it will have any other big features; we also don't know how much it will cost.

We'll keep you updated on any new developments – and if you prefer your TV the right way round, why not check out our pick of the best 4K TVs.