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Sad Bill Murray is your new favourite meme

Sad Bill Murray is your new favourite meme

Sad Bill Murray is your new favourite meme

Bill Murray knows all about the pressures of high level basketball.

This is a man who starred in Space Jam. So he knows about the pressures of bouncing an orange ball in front of millions - he’s seen it and he’s worn the jersey.

However, when showing up to witness Wisconsin pull off an astonishing buzzer-beating NCAA victory over his favourite college team Xavier last night, his ensuing hangdog expression quickly became a new heart-breaking meme for the ages.

Earlier in the game it was all going so well for Xavier, who his son is an assistant for, as seen here with some first-rate Murray finger pointing.

It wasn’t to be though, and as Xavier lost it all in the very last milliseconds, Murray encapsulated the look of any man who’s ever cared too much about sport, staring blankly at the abyss and questioning the very essence of morality.

Making the scene even more memorable, as Murray stood there impassively, cameras trained on him, a child sitting behind throws a wild tantrum at the loss. Slow it right down and you can probably see the exact moment his heart finally snaps into two pieces.

And the pain didn't stop there, with the internet lampooning his misery. Here are the best bits:

Not that all fans are getting down about it. There's always next season, Bill.