Loudmouth Ryder Cup heckler invited to make putt for $100, makes himself a hero


Throw away all your golfing history books - they're irrelevant now. The greatest thing ever to have happened to the sport happened yesterday, making Thursday the 29th of September the Year Zero (Day Zero?) for all golf, and probably all sport. Forevermore.

Golf fan David Johnson was enjoying a lovely afternoon at the Ryder Cup and, presumably well-refreshed, decided to throw a few heckles at Henrik Stenson as he went in for a putt. After Andy Sullivan and Rory McIlroy both failed to make the shot, Johnson loudly claimed he could make it himself - and Stenson promptly invited him to put his club where his mouth is. Justin Rose then stepped in and bet $100 on Johnson - and this is what happened.

Yes, that really happened. Don't believe your eyes? We have proof - here's another angle.



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