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Ryan Reynolds is making a horror film based on a spooky Reddit story

Ryan Reynolds is gettin' spooky, folks

Ryan Reynolds is making a horror film based on a spooky Reddit story
06 December 2018

As well as being the handsomest man in showbusiness, Ryan Reynolds is rapidly asserting himself as a bona fide movie mogul.

The 42-year-old Canadian actor has been involved in the writing and production of the mega successful Deadpool franchise from the start - and his production company Maximum Effort is now getting involved with a horror film based on a popular Reddit story.

According to Variety, Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with New Regency to buy supernatural horror project The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine and set it up with Ryan Reynolds and Vertigo Entertainment.

Jasper DeWitt wrote the online novella and originally published it on the Reddit No Sleep, which has more than 12 million subscribers, about an idealistic young doctor who tries to solve a mystery and heal his most difficult patient. 

“I write this because as of now, I am not sure if I am privy to a terrible secret, or if I myself am insane,” the Reddit story beings. “Being a practicing psychiatrist, that would obviously be bad for me both ethically and from a business standpoint. However, since I cannot believe I am crazy, I’m sending this story to you because you’re probably the only people who would even consider it possible. For me, this is a matter of responsibility to humanity.”

You can read the spooky yarn in full here.

“So thrilled to be working with Ryan Reynolds on this!” DeWitt said on Twitter.

At the minute, Reynolds is attached as a producer and no actors or directors have been hired. 

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