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Russian Man Sues Train Operator For Moral Suffering

Incredibly, he wins!

Russian Man Sues Train Operator For Moral Suffering
Danielle de Wolfe
04 September 2012

The ways in which rail operators beat down on us customers are manifold. Year-on-year price rises; shoddy services; inedible bacon rolls, blah, blah, blah.

So, let’s hear it for a victory for the little guy. A passenger in Russia has been awarded £145 ($230) by a court after enduring ‘physical and moral suffering’ while trying, and failing, to board a train.

The claimant sued the Krasprigorod rail operator in a Krasnoyarsk court after he successfully claimed that he had been roughed up by fellow passengers and had been forced to listen to two hours of swearing on a crowded platform after failing to board his train in October 2010.

Now, when we say roughed up, we mean that he had his feet stepped on and was pushed.

The court ruled that Krasprigorod were liable because it had failed to provide safe and quality services. However, there was a crumb of comfort to the rail operator as it only had to fork out £145, not the original £1,000 the disgruntled customer was seeking.

[via UPI]

(Image: Rex Features)