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Behold: the greatest running joke in the history of Tinder

It's great when people commit to a joke

Behold: the greatest running joke in the history of Tinder

Ah, Tinder – swipe, match, swipe, match, never contact, sometimes contact, get ignored, ignore messages, regret swiping right, regret swiping left, consider paying for premium, obviously never pay for premium, see ex, cry, see other ex, laugh, swipe, accidentally super like, swipe, shout “OH MY GOD” and show to your flatmate, take back phone off flatmate, flatmate has messaged one of your matches, shout “OH MY GOD”, swipe, repeat forever, die alone.

I think it’s great that it exists. Particularly when someone does something funny on it, tweets a screenshot of it, and it goes viral. Like what happened with Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec, two pretty hil-ar-ious Tinder users who did a joke with each other, and people on the internet reacted positively

Would you like to see the joke?

Here it is:

In case you can't see what's going on – they’ve had a fun little running gag where they don’t message each other for months and months at a time, AND THEN THEY DO MESSAGE EACH OTHER. I can always appreciate good dedication to a joke: my friend once hid in his under-the-stairs closet with a Super Soaker for half an hour, until his mum opened it and got sprayed. He was simply banking on her going in there at some point during the day – he could have waited four hours if need be. He said it “was 100% worth it. She almost had a heart attack.” Top work, friend.

Anyway, this Tinder “sitch” went viral for good reasons (unlike many Tinder matches), and caught the attention of Tinder themselves – the actual robotic sex bots behind the app – and they tweeted this:

Obviously, after an offer like that, you'd have to be a right old punk of a man to turn it down, so Josh graciously accepted:

As of right now, this very minute, the two love-birds haven’t managed to settle on a date, but fingers crossed for them. Maybe? I mean, I find food to be too much of a commitment for a first Tinder date, going to Maui is like going into space for the rest of your life. A date on a Hawaiian island is pretty hard to cut short, if I’m being honest here.

“Oh, umm, my, erm, my friend is having an emergency. They, um, need me to babysit. Where’s the airport?”

“Why do you need to know where the airport is?”

“He, erm, needs me to babysit a plane.”

(Image: Rex)