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Royal Salute whisky gets bold, arty new look

Classic whisky brand gets a 2019 makeover

Royal Salute whisky gets bold, arty new look
23 July 2019

Royal Salute whisky has a long and storied history: founded in 1953, these folks really know what they’re doing.

But historic doesn’t have to mean stodgy or staid, as the brand’s new makeover proves. Created by fine artist Kristjana S. Williams, it’s a modern take on the brand’s heritage, exploring some of its key characters. Its emblem, a lion, looks out over the Speyside River, while tartan butterflies dot the landscape.

“There has never been a more exciting time for our brand,” said Royal Salute marketing director, Mathieu Deslandes. “With a bold new look across our packaging that speaks to our unique quality, craft and personality, we’re raising the bar for Scotch whisky.”

“We wanted to create something special for our Signature 21 Year Old. This is, after all, a whisky first created for royalty. The result is a fun, vibrant take on our rich heritage that brings to life our royal legacy with a colourful depiction of the British Royal Menagerie at the Tower of London, and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from a Scotch whisky.”

The company is also launching a new, ‘Lost’ blend, the company’s first permanent peated whisky. The brand say it combines “sweet orange and peaches” with “smouldering bonfire embers” – which sounds pretty good to us.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also launching its first ever malt blend, crafted with more than 21 single malts. All of the blends will be available in the new porcelain flagons.

You can check out all of Royal Salute’s offerings, new and old, on its website.

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