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Roja Parfums’ Debut Male Scent

Master perfumer launches Scandal Pour Homme

Roja Parfums’ Debut Male Scent

As founder of the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods and a 20-year association with Guerlain under his belt, master perfumer Roja Dove is Britain’s most authoritative voice on fragrance.

So we were very excited to learn that this month he is launching Scandal Pour Homme — Roja Parfums’ first ever fragrance for men.

A concentrated eau de parfum, it has notes of basil, spearmint, lavender and tarragon. “I’ve wanted to make a male fragrance for years,” says Dove, “but I wanted it — as my first — to be exceptional and very special.” We can testify that it is.

Scandal Pour Homme EDP £175 for 100ml by ROJA PARFUMS;

(Photography: Johanna Parkin)