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Cancel all your plans because 'Robot Wars' is back this Sunday

3, 2, 1... activate!

Cancel all your plans because 'Robot Wars' is back this Sunday
27 February 2017

You know Robot Wars, that show where people in cargo trousers make mini robots and make them hit each other with spiky hammers until they don’t work anymore? The one with possibly the most rabid audience in television history? The one where none of the contestants ever know what to do with their hands while they’re being interviewed? Well, after a successful relaunch last year, it’s coming back for a second (or ninth, depending on how you look at it) series, and it’s starting this coming Sunday.

To celebrate its return, the BBC have released a typically EXXXTREME video showing the house robots absolutely going to town on your mum’s car:

That's Sir Killalot, Shunt and Matilda getting vex at that Corsa, there. They’ll be joined by Dead Metal, who’ll complete the line-up, unless of course there are any special surprises up that metal sleeve of theirs. The most realistically human robots – Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon (both terrible robot names, though) – will also be returning, as will cyborg commentator Jonathan Pearce and android judges Noel Sharkey, Sethu Vijayakumar and Lucy Rogers.

It starts this Sunday 5th March at 7pm – prepare yourselves for a spectacular clash of metal interspersed with a spectacular collection of Merrells.