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Robber goes back to bank to get cab fare

Yes, this actually happened

Robber goes back to bank to get cab fare

If you've ever seen a Tarantino or Coen Brothers film then you'll be aware of how many things can go wrong when committing a crime.

So we're assuming that Atlanta resident Trevor Gladston Jr is more of a Pixar kind of guy.

The 39-year-old attempted to rob a bank but, thanks to the joys of bulletproof glass, he left empty-handed. He then returned to his getaway car, a taxi, but forgot the reason why he was robbing a bank in the first place: he had no money.

He told the driver that he needed to return to the bus station to get some money from his car but the naturally suspicious cabbie blocked him in and alerted the attention of a local officer. He was then talked into going back to the bank to withdraw the cab fare (you think your day was bad etc etc).

He was immediately recognised by bank employees and promptly arrested for attempted armed robbery. Let's hope there's an adequate film library in jail.

[via AJC]

(Image: Rex Features)


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