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Richard Madeley has gone full Partridge on 'Good Morning Britain' yet again

Sound the klaxon, it's as brilliant as ever

Richard Madeley has gone full Partridge on 'Good Morning Britain' yet again
29 May 2018

We explored recently on this very site whether Donald Trump had, in fact, broken satire. As we put it: “When the US President acts like a clown, where does that leave the clowns?”

Well, it must be a similar situation for Steve Coogan and his Alan Partridge writing buddies Neil and Rob Gibbons.

When Richard Madeley acts so much like Partridge, where does that leave Partridge?

Ever since getting the gig as stand-in on Good Morning Britain whenever Piers Morgan takes a break from the show, it’s almost like he’s been on a one-man crusade to ensure that Partridge’s forthcoming show This Time with Alan Partridge - which sees him stand in as a co-host on This Time, an evening weekday magazine show that is basically The One Show - is rendered completely redundant by virtue of it already having happened in real life.

Remember his reign of incredibleness last August?

He did it again in November and, great news everyone, he’s gone full Partridge once again.

To warm up, he shaved a chocolate digestive with a knife.

And then - the triumphant finale - he cut off Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson after he refused to straight answer a question about his response to the Russian poisoning scandal.

The ‘good luck with the African elephant project’ line was also pure Alan, especially with the animal wandering into shot behind.

However, while many people have laughed, at the same time, many - including Partridge writer Neil Gibbons - have actually argued that Madeley was ‘bang right’ to end the interview rather than allow Williamson to get away with dodging the question.

Don’t defend him too much Neil, or the BBC might opt against a second series of This Time, and we all know what happens when Alan doesn’t get a second series…

(Image: ITV/Rex)