Richard Herring spent International Women’s Day brilliantly trolling angry men on Twitter


Hey, we're all enlightened people here, and we believe in equality. Who wouldn't? It's clearly fair and clearly right, and it can't come too soon to drag the human race out of the dark ages.

But - sigh - not everyone out there agrees with us, and there's one initiative in particular that seems to bring the knuckle-draggers out from their caves: International Women's Day.

Apparently the other 364 days of the year being heavily-biased towards men (pay, opportunity and all the rest) isn't enough and, like clockwork, they will all ask, "but what about an International Men's Day"?

Fortunately, comedian Richard Herring was on hand to answer them, as he does each year, via his Twitter account. All day.

There are so many more.

And if you think he's going to stop any time soon, stand corrected:

And it wasn't even just men:

Fellow comedian Ricky Gervais joined in the fun, tweeting:

Richard was pleased about this, but also slightly disappointed:

It wasn't the only enquiry he replied to though:

Seriously, there were SO many people asking. Just check his timeline.

Richard Herring: a hero of equality for our time.

(Image: Rex)