Retro Jazz-style Versions of Classic Metal Album Covers


Metal artwork has a visual style all of its own, usually dark, menacing and uncompromising. Which is why it's enjoyably strange to see some classic record sleeves from the genre given a jazz-style makeover.

This fantastic album cover series has been created by São Paulo-based creative director Rafa Melandi and features classic records by the likes of Pantera, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer given the stylish treatment associated with jazz records of yesteryear. He's taken each album's original cover as the jump-off point, so you'll be able to recognise each one, before appreciating the stylistic twist.

Admire the images below - they're shown alongside their original sleeves at the bottom.

You can check out more of Melandi's work at his Behance page or at his agency's website.

(Images: Rafa Melandi)