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Retro Cassette Posters

Retro Cassette Posters

Retro Cassette Posters

As countless internet images keep reminding us, there is a whole generation out there who will never know the relationship between a cassette tape and a pencil. But another aspect of our old friends that has been overlooked are the striking designs used for the covers of blank tapes.

Designer Neil Stevens hasn't forgotten though, and has created these superb posters based on the minimal designs used in the old days of BASF60s and TDK90s. Purely functional at the time, their use of bold colours and typography now appear incredibly cool.

The posters will be available for sale on Stevens' website very soon, so bookmark the site and get one up on your wall.

Those were the days: you could buy five for £2 in Woolworths, tape the top 40 on a Sunday night, scribble the tracklisting on the back, off to the park to play football, jumpers for goalposts....

[via Designtaxi]

(Images: Neil Stevens)