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Restaurant charges diners for leftovers

Hey, stop relaxing back there!

Restaurant charges diners for leftovers
14 September 2011

As offensive as it may be to charity types, sometimes food just gets left.

Maybe you had a big lunch or maybe the food tasted like rotting squirrel meat but whatever the reason, it's your right to leave whatever you feel like on the plate.

Well, next time you're visiting Saudi Arabia, best steer clear of the Marmar Restaurant, unless you're absolutely famished and/or feeling flush. Owner Fahad al Anezi, of Dammam, is trying to stamp out waste by charging diners who don't manage to eat all of the dishes they order.

Sounds pretty harsh but he claims that he's inundated with greedy show-offs who buy far too much food as a sign of status but fail to actually eat it all.

The last time we ordered food as a sign of status was that time we chose extra hot chicken at Nando's to impress a date. Turns out, crying and spitting out food isn't impressive. Back to mango and lime for us then.

(Image: Rex)