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This man's viral Facebook post sums up America's problem with race

More than 600,000 likes and counting

This man's viral Facebook post sums up America's problem with race

A man named Emmit Walker is going viral on Facebook after highlighting exactly what it can be like to be a black man in America in normal, everyday life.

Emmit had a first class ticket for his flight from Ronald Reagan Washington Airport, and was queueing up to get on, when he says he was interrupted by the woman behind him, who refused to believe he was supposed to be in first class.

In Emmit’s own words, the exchange went as follows:

Her: Excuse me, I believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us through. This line is for priority boarding

Me: Priority meaning first class, correct?

Her: Yes… now excuse me they will call y’all after we board

Me: *shove first class priority boarding pass in her face* You can relax ma’am I’m in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me

Her: *still won’t let It go* He must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait

Me: Nope, too big to ever be in anybody’s military. I’m just a n***a with money ???‍♂️

Everybody waiting in line: starts to clap lmao?

Rather than get justifiably angry at the blatant, everyday racism, Emmit instead turned to social media. He uploaded a Snapchat screenshot of himself with the woman in question in the background to his Facebook page, captioned with the above exchange.

On the Snapchat image he wrote, ‘This lady is funny lmao’, with a red arrow pointing down at her.

At the time of writing, Emmit’s Facebook post already has more than 624,000 since being posted on Tuesday, and has been shared more than 220,000 times.

Clearly his post is resonating with other black people who frequently suffer the same sort of casual racism in their everyday lives, and whether he meant to or not, Emmit has also highlighted exactly what it can be like to be a black man in America to those privileged enough to never have to experience it themselves.

The comments on the post have been flooded with black people offering Emmit their congratulations for calling the woman out.

Shana Gramby wrote: “She looks like she knew her ass was bout to go viral … thas’ why she looked down.”

And Martin Jasckson wrote: “Good motherfuckin’ job!!! Even if you were army she tried to discriminate against you and you weren’t rockin’!!! And I’m a vet you already know!!”

Hopefully the woman in question will see Emmit’s post herself. The way it’s going, there’s a pretty good chance everyone will.

(Images: Emmit Eclass Walker/Facebook)