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Queen's Corgis attack Beatrice's Terrier

The Rooooyal Ruuuumble

Queen's Corgis attack Beatrice's Terrier

(19/08/2012) In a royal display of bullying the Queen's Corgis have ganged up on Princess Beatrice's Norfolk Terrier.

Beatrice (who's fifth in line for throne) has a favourite dog named Max, which was attacked during a walk at Balmorel, and almost lost an ear.

Her Majesty The Queen was elsewhere in the famous Scottish castle when the fight erupted between the corgis and three Norfolk terriers belonging to the Duke of York’s family.

Royal sources today described the incident as “really nasty”.

"The Queen's dog boy was taking the corgis for a walk and they were joined by the Norfolk terriers which came with Prince Andrew,” one insider told the Sunday Express.

"They were being taken along the long corridor leading to the Tower Door before being let into the grounds for a walk, and they all became overexcited.

"They began fighting among themselves and unfortunately the dog boy lost control.” Send him to the tower.

“The next thing we knew there were horrific yelps and screams and it seems the corgis picked on Max.

“He was very badly injured and had to be taken to the local vet. There was blood everywhere.

"The Queen and the Duke were very upset when they were told but the dog is really Beatrice's and she wasn't there either. She later came up to Scotland and has been looking after Max.”

"He was very lucky to survive. I heard the Princess was very upset because another of her Norfolk terriers, Millie, died from natural causes just a week or so before.”

Via: Express

Image: rex


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