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All 20 Premier League stadiums, ranked by their TripAdvisor score

Which is the best ground in the league?

All 20 Premier League stadiums, ranked by their TripAdvisor score

Fans of every Premier League club will try to claim their stadium is the best around, just as they’ll claim their team’s corners are the worst in the league.

Well, apart from West Ham supporters, who are still very much in love with the old place, and Tottenham, who are currently in a temporary home.

We’ve already established which set of Premier League fans is the best, and which is the worst – not that you needed any proof of the latter.

But which stadium is really the best? There’s only one way to find out, and it damn sure isn’t actually going out and speaking to people about it.

If we’ve learned anything from watching Arsenal Fan TV, West Ham Fan TV and all the other Fan TVs, it’s that regular people can’t be trusted. They’re too volatile, and too prone to emotional responses.

You know who has no emotion? People who leave reviews on TripAdvisor. With that in mind, we’ve decided to head on over to the review site in order to find a definitive ranking of all 20 stadiums in the Premier League.

This should prove, once and for all, who is better than all the rest.

No room for the under-construction White Hart Lane, unfortunately

There are a couple of things to establish before we begin.

Obviously some scores will be impacted by some of these stadiums hosting non-football events and non-sporting events.

Due to the difficulty in separating the football from the not-football, the ratings are based on all reviews in which the reviewer has included a written comment.

Additionally, some of the grounds were used for a different purpose before housing Premier League clubs, so some of the scores will be impacted by – for example – international football at Wembley and athletics at the London Stadium.

While this may impact the overall scores, all quotes included are related to football matches at the stadiums in question and an accurate(-ish) reflection of the lowest scores, while retaining the accurate spelling and capitalisation of their entries. After all, we all know what a good review looks like, but a bad one can take many forms.

Upton Park - not in the 20, much to the chagrin of West Ham fans

20. Turf Moor, Burnley – N/A

No one has left a review for Turf Moor on TripAdvisor. Not a single person. Does it even exist? Are ‘Burnley’ even a real football club? It remains a mystery

19. Liberty Stadium, Swansea City - 3.72

“Go to the chip shop then watch the sport on tv instead,” says Someguy50. That way you get chips and football, while steering clear of the 366 days of rain you get in Wales, so we can see where hes coming from.

18. Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace - 3.92

Valleyjohn147 tells us “the atmosphere is contrived and false,” which makes us wonder whether we are, in fact, living in a simulation. That would certainly explain the presence of Roy Hodgson, who is surely, on the balance of probabilities, a sophisticated AI.

17. bet365 Stadium, Stoke City - 3.95

Jcope87 complains that “the hot buffet was cold”. But it says ‘hot’ right there in the name?! We don’t know what to believe any more.

16. American Express Community Stadium, Brighton & Hove Albion - 4.08

“no atmosphere bland boring not even a proper football team ruined the southdowns, well expensive dont waste your time life is too short up the palace,’ says sussexfoz. A fan of a club with a ‘contrived and false’ atmosphere complaining of ‘not even a proper football team’? Who are we supposed to believe?

15. Vicarage Road, Watford - 4.14

luigino447 “would not waist a bomb to destroy it !!!!!”, which only makes us wonder how limited his supply of bombs really is. And what his waist size is.

14. Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth - 4.21

No one had much in the way of interesting comment about Bournemouth’s home ground, which probably tells you more about Bournemouth fans than it does about the stadium.

13. Wembley Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur - 4.37

ftm73 sums it up when he says “Shame really the stadium has good facilities but can’t help with the crowds dabbing”. That’s what you get when you use a concert venue for football, I suppose.

12. London Stadium, West Ham United - 4.39

West Ham fans aren’t exactly enamoured with their new home, and, as bigtallnick claims, “The Doodah brothers and Lady Sonia will probably have spreadsheets proving it’s a good idea but for the ordinary fan sitting miles from the game it’s a lousy place”.

11. St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton - 4.41

The stadium might have gone down relatively well with people, but it’s a different story when it comes to those inside. “the fans are terrible they do not understand the meaning of banter,” says shazabell, who was in enough of a rush not to bother with commas.

10. Goodison Park, Everton - 4.42

Over to Marc R on this one, with his concise assessment: “I took my family as punishment. This is the place nightmares are spawned from. We spent one minute here, and suffered for a lifetime.”

9. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea - 4.43

“Always chelsea always blue but just frustrated and while im here a frank lampard statue wouldnt go a miss many thanks,” says Robin B. No pleasing some people.

8. The John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield Town - 4.49

Not too many negatives here, at least on the pitch, but daisykate2533 did have one thing to moan about. “The offices above the main reception had Windows filled with crap,” she says. “This doesn’t reflect well on the club.” Well if the sun’s out and catches them at the right angle you should still be able to see past the crap and still see a refl…oh, right, not that kind of reflection.

7. The Hawthorns, West Bromwich Albion - 4.49

Not enough people have left reviews for there to be any bad ones, but it’s worth noting The Hawthorns isn’t the number one place to visit in West Bromwich (Sandwell Valley Country Park, in case you were wondering).

6. King Power Stadium - Leicester City - 4.49

“I clapped at the Spurs goals and was told I was a Spurs supporter,” writes Derrick S. Well, Derrick, are you?

5. St James’ Park, Newcastle United - 4.51

James1962186338 had quite the experience at Newcastle’s ground, as he explains here: “The upshot that I was threatened with eviction by a charming, if somewhat monosyllabic, steward and spent the rest of the game desperately searching for the telephone number of my old Russian chum Igor ‘knuckles’ Ivanov”. Joke’s on him - have you tried getting phone reception at a Premier League ground?

4. Emirates Stadium, Arsenal - 4.54

“just as good as the John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield,” says Barry S. Damning.

3. Etihad Stadium, Manchester City - 4.56

Some of these reviews relate to tours as well as to actual matches, and this appears to be what disappointed Alan W, who says “There was only Bert trautmann’s helmet in the trophy cabinet looked like a pie warmer from Holland’s’”. The helmet or the cabinet, Alan? We need to know.

2. Old Trafford, Manchester United - 4.67

One of the highest scorers in the league, but they clearly did something to upset ryan b. “this place is hell,” he writes, “its no wonder they have a devil on their kit”.

1. Anfield, Liverpool - 4.81

Top of the list, and by some distance, but that’s not to say there’s no negativity - here’s a selection of the unsatisfied customers:

“anfield is a terrible stadium with awful security as when gary caldwell banged the ball in the net the stadium fell down” – wafclouis9

“Most of the people I sat by had bad breath and some cried when West Ham scored.” – Marvin C

“Who wants to look at that rubbish all of the time. Maybe Alan Titmarsh because he likes watching grass grow and is an expert on producing manure.” – phillipneale


(Images: Rex Features/TripAdvisor)