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Pornhub's year in review has revealed all of your weird searches

You are a strange bunch aren't you?

Pornhub's year in review has revealed all of your weird searches
Tom Victor
12 December 2018

There are some end-of-year lists you’ll look forward to more than most.

Netflix’s list of most-binged shows gives you a good idea of what you can catch-up on during your Christmas downtime, while the critics’ list of 2018’s best films gives you something to look forward to when the last of the inclusions get a UK release in the new year.

There are some things, though, which you’d rather not know. Things like a rundown of everyone’s porn searches throughout the year.

Pornhub has released its ‘Year in Review’ round-up, documenting a breakdown of the 30.3 billion searches on the site in 2018. That’s right, billion.

According to Pornhub’s blog, nearly 4.8m new videos were uploaded in 2018, with more than 60,000 new visitors arriving every minute.

We all know everyone flocked to Pornhub when Fortnite crashed earlier in the year, but we didn’t realise Fortnite itself would end up being one of Pornhub’s ‘searches that defined 2018’, along with a number of other topical entries or terms which were searched for a lot more this year than previously.

As the old adage goes, if something exists then there’s someone out there who has made a porno of it, and this is evident in some of the other top searches too.

Some of the old classics are there, with ‘Threesome’ and ‘Romantic’ (ahhhh bless) both enjoying significant gains in 2018, while Fortnite is not only among the searches which defined 2018, but also in the top 20 searched terms overall, a jump of more than 17,000 places in 12 months.

The game is joined in the top 10 in the former, bafflingly, by fan-created non-canon Nintendo character ‘Bowsette’. As for the latter, ‘lesbian’, ‘hentai’ and ‘milf’ remain in the podium places in an unchanged top three.

The one search which Pornhub says defines the year more than any other, however, concerns a woman who has been in the news for much of the last 12 months: Stormy Daniels.

“Beginning in January, each time she was in the news the public’s curiosity would peak and searches for Stormy surged,” Pornhub revealed. And she has been in the news a lot.

You can find a detailed rundown, including the most searched-for video game characters on the site (you read that right), right here.

In the meantime, though, here’s Pornhub’s ‘Searches that defined 2018’ top 10:

1. Stormy Daniels

2. Fortnite

3. 4K

4. Romantic

5. Trans

6. Outdoor

7. Tattoos

8. Tinder

9. Bowsette

10. Threesome

(Images: Pornhub/Getty/Fortnite)