Pop Culture Stars In Hieroglyphics


In many ways, the Egyptians were way ahead of their time.

Sure their architectural feats are impressive (and still standing) and yes their irrigation systems were marvellous - but they were communicating with emoticons and portrait-like selfies thousands of years before we started doing it. That, and they worshipped some humans as though they were gods.

Just take this art series from Zaven Najjar. His series of pop culture stars illustrated in a hieroglyphic-style look just as comfortable on a Pinterest board as they would on the walls of an ancient tomb. 

From Daft Punk to Muhammad Ali, we would tolerate a few more selfies doing the rounds if they even an ounce of the Pharaoh flair of Najjar's work. 

You can see more of his brilliant portfolio here

Daft Punk


Freddie Mercury

Snoop Dog

David Bowie

Muhammad Ali

Kanye West

Pharrell Williams

[Via: Design Taxi]

(Images: Zaven Najjar)


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