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Pop art's best

The very finest of its later years

Pop art's best

Pop Art’s heyday might have been the sixties when Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Mel Ramos and co made colourful hay while the vibrant sun shone, but the iconic art movement didn’t expire on December 31 1969.

Throughout the seventies and into the eighties, the likes of Warhol, Keith Haring and Tom Wesselman all continued their playful explorations into surface and depth.

A new exhibition – Sold Out: American Pop Art From The 1970’s And 1980’s - at London’s Olyvia Fine Art gallery celebrates the work created during this time. And being generous sorts, we’ve bagged a few images for you. Now get yourself down to the exhibition, pronto.

Sold Out: American Pop Art From The 1970’s And 1980’s runs until 20 November at Olyvia Fine Art.

Andy Warhol: Chanel

Andy Warhol



Screen print on paper

96.5 x 96.5 cm

Edition 46/190

Tom Wesselmann: Maquette for Still Life with Orange, Tulip and Trees

Tom Wesselmann

Maquette for Still Life with Orange, Tulip and Trees


Liquitex on cardboard mounted on panel

40.6 x 41.9cm

Robert Rauschenberg: Ringer

Robert Rauschenberg



Mixed Media on linen on canvas

220 x 96 cm

Ed of 15

Andy Warhol: Campbell's Soup Can

Andy Warhol

Campbell's Soup Can


Silkscreen on canvas

61 x 50.8 cm

Frank Stella: Felstzyn III

Frank Stella

Felstzyn III


Wall relief: Oil, fabric and cardboard collage on wood panel

271.7 x 223.5 x 10.2 cm

Keith Haring: Pyramid (Yellow)

Keith Haring,

Pyramid (Yellow)


Silkscreen on anodized aluminium

102.9 x 144.8 cm

Inscribed, dated "K. Haring 89" and numbered of 30 on the reverse

Edition of 30

Andy Warhol: Mao, 90

Andy Warhol

Mao, 90


Silkscreen on paper

Unique outside of the published edition

Signed and stamped by the Warhol Foundation.

91.4 x 91.4 cm

Keith Haring: Untitled

Keith Haring



Sumi Ink on paper

78.7 x 109.2 cm

Robert Rauschenberg: Van Vleck Series VI

Robert Rauschenberg

Van Vleck Series VI


Transfer, fabric collage and acrylic on canvas

110 x 94 cm

Andy Warhol: Diamond Dust Shoes

Andy Warhol

Diamond Dust Shoes


Screenprint with diamond dust on Arches Aquarelle paper

100.2 x 151.2 cm

Edition 53/60