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Police release worst e-fits ever

Suspects unlikely to be found

Police release worst e-fits ever

Ever wondered what happened to the good old 90s staple MS Paint? Well, it appears as if it's been adopted by Gloucestershire Police for their e-fits.

They've released three "artist's" impressions of people involved in "distraction thefts" in the local area. But a bizarre lack of artistic merit has resulted in a set of unhelpful pictures that are far too easy to ridicule.

Take the first woman below. She's wanted in connection with a £1,000 credit card theft which we assume was to replace her 1920s costume with something a bit more up-to-date, like a 1930s costume.

A few weeks after, the man above is suspected of stealing a bag, with help from the ginger woman at the bottom. Thanks to the shoddy e-fits, we can't tell what the hell he has on his head or why we're so damn terrified of his female accomplice.

Criminals, rest easy. Everyone else, your nightmares have now been filled.

(Images: SWNS)