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Police Dogs to Wear Shoes

Paw enforcement

Police Dogs to Wear Shoes

German police had a problem: their dogs were running the risk of being injured on broken glass at riots and crime scenes. So they came up with the paw-fect solution.

Police dogs will now be given protective shoes after successful trials demonstrated that they were much less likely to suffer cut paws when wearing the footwear.

The velcro-fastening boots contain a thin coating of stab proof material and will ensure that they remain protected during any clashes with hooligans and in riot situations. A bad cut to the paw can put a police dog out of action for up to six months, so the move is hoped to keep the canine section of the force at full strength.

The only problem has been getting the dogs to become used to wearing them. "When they first try them on they just pull them off with their teeth. They need about two weeks to adapt" said head dog handler Thomas Schulte.

[via Orange]

Image: Orange


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