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This is how to catch a bunch of rare Pokémon with Incense

Grab some incense and head out into the middle of nowhere

This is how to catch a bunch of rare Pokémon with Incense

Inundated with Pidgeys? Got more Drowzees than you know what to do with?

We feel you. One of Pokémon GO's most persistent irks kicks in after more than a month of playing, finding the same god-damned Pokémon every time you nip to the shops. 

Sure, a key aspect of the augmented reality experience is its requirement for players to move around and explore areas to discover more diverse critters - but many will be pulling their hair out trying to find something more exotic than a Ratata. 

One ploy that seems to be working very well for players is the use of Incense - but with one particular caveat.

You've been using Incense all wrong

Incense attracts Pokémon to your position for a period of 30 minutes. It's pretty handy if you're not located near any Pokéstops and thus unable to stick a Lure down to achieve a similar effect. 

However, it turns out that Incense is far, far more effective if used while moving - and will pull in particularly rare Pokémon if you use it in a location that tends to be free of other features, like Gyms, Stops and naturally-spawning creatures.

There's some solid logic to it

Users such as YouTuber IbexPvP have documented that using Incense in an area not usually littered with your common Ratatas and Pidgeys will increase the chances of pulling in a more unusual Pokémon - such as Graveler or Electabuzz. 

You'll have to wander to an area away from the urban crowd to make the most of it. 

Anything to find something other than a Krabby...