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Piers Morgan tried to brag about his strength and got completely ridiculed

And your dad's bigger than our dad right?

Piers Morgan tried to brag about his strength and got completely ridiculed

Look, look, we all know how Piers Morgan operates: say/tweet something knowingly controversial or ‘un-PC’ and then sit back and watch everyone explode in fury giving him the oxygen of publicity, occasionally dipping in to stoke the fires and double down on a position he almost certainly doesn’t hold.

It’s a standard and predictable tactic, but by god it works, mainly because he’s so smugly annoying that you can’t resist piling in (and he’s deliberately smugly annoying, which makes it even more annoying).

But allow us this one indulgence, because this time we actually think he might have meant it.

Claire Rivers posted this perfectly reasonable question:

To which Piers, seemingly a little stung by a question he absolutely must have heard before, replied with:

Once we got over our own fit of laughter at Piers going full-on playground on us (and having rewatched the delightful sight of him absolutely bricking it while facing an over of fast bowling from Aussie legend Brett Lee) naturally we scrolled down to see what the internet would make of this outburst.

We were not disappointed.

And, saving the best till last:

Yeah, Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson were definitely trying their hardest weren’t they Piers?

Bless him.

(Images: Rex)