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Philomena Cunk is returning to our screens with a new five-part series about Britain

What is Britain and who decided it was great?

Philomena Cunk is returning to our screens with a new five-part series about Britain
26 May 2017

If there’s anyone who can make sense of Brexit Britain and the journey that led us here… it’s definitely not Philomena Cunk. But her take is undoubtedly going to be more entertaining than the accurate version. 

The gormless modern-day philosopher (played brilliantly by comedian Diane Morgan) is best known for her commentary on Charlie Brooker’s Wipe series, but following her BAFTA-nominated Shakespeare mockumentary, she’s returning to the BBC with new series, Cunk on Britain

The five-part series will, according to a press release from the broadcaster, see Cunk use her trademark investigative skills to explore landmark events and popular culture tracing back through the ages, along the way asking challenging questions such as, “were dinosaurs the first people to discover Britain?” We’ll “learn” about famous battles, monarchs and growth of the Empire, before the host casts an analytical eye over Thatcher, Britpop and the ‘discovery of Nick Clegg’, eventually arriving at Brexit. 

"In 2017, Britain stands at a fork in its crossroads, so what better way to find out where we might be heading than looking behind us, into history (which apparently is a sort of 'rear view mirror’ for time),” says Cunk about her latest project. 

“I’ll be travelling the length and width of the country talking to experts and standing in front of old buildings saying things into the camera, as I try to discover what made Ancient Britain the Modern Britain it is today.”

This sounds important.