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People are spending more time on Pokémon GO than Facebook

But it's not the most addictive app ever

People are spending more time on Pokémon GO than Facebook
13 July 2016

Your mates are Tweeting about it. Your colleagues are leaving the office to catch things with it. Even your dad mentioned it in a text - and that alone speaks volumes of the impact Pokémon GO is having on the summer of 2016. It's already been downloaded 15 million times - and it's not even officially available in Asia or Europe yet.

To indicate the scale of that impact, mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower has tracked down the data on augmented reality app's user engagement stats - comparing its average play time with some of the other most downloaded apps of the mobile world. 

Here's how Pokémon GO stacks up in the world of addictive apping.

Average daily play time: 10 minutes 8 seconds


Average daily play time: 15 minutes 15 seconds


Average daily play time: 17 minutes 56 seconds


Average daily play time: 18 minutes 7 seconds


Average daily play time: 22 minutes 8 seconds

Pokémon GO

Average daily play time: 33 minutes 25 seconds

Candy Crush Saga

Average daily play time: 43 minutes 

Game of War

Average daily play time: Two hours