Anti-Tory voters are buying loads of copies of The Sun and Daily Mail and binning them all

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Emily Reynolds

The Daily Mail  was never going to like Jeremy Corbyn, was it? He’s left wing for a start, AND he fails to show utter contempt for the less fortunate members of society. Not a good match, really. 

Likewise, The Sun is firmly off the Jezza bandwagon: so much so, in fact, that its front page today depicts Jeremy Corbyn sat in a bin with the headline “Don’t Throw Britain In The Cor-bin”. Because, right – because his name is “Corbyn”. Corbyn with a ‘y’, yeah, but it sounds a bit like ‘bin’ doesn’t it. A bin being the place you put all your rubbish. It’s quite sophisticated, so you might not get it. But it’s definitely really funny.

Today's Sun front page

Anyway, the front page has got a whole bunch of people angry and now they’re getting on the ‘bins are good’ train by putting copies of The Sun and the Mail in one. Author John Niven kicked it all off by literally burning a few copies. 

Others are hiding copies in their local shops. 

And our favourite suggestion? 


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