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Parking permit scam foiled by bad spelling


Parking permit scam foiled by bad spelling

Trying to secure a parking space can be a gruelling process.

So, we can empathise with the unnamed 24-year-old who hatched a plan to secure himself a parking space in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Sick of the damn 'man', he decided to forge himself a temporary parking pass on his home computer. The forgery was a cracker and it looked convincing enough. Well, apart from one small thing.

Our creative forger's fake permit included a key error: the word parking was misspelt. The parking pass was actually a parkting pass. Look down at your keyboard and you'll find that the letter T isn't next to K or I. Otherwise, we'd understand.

The Hoboken Parking Utility, and then the police, discovered the error and our man had his car towed before he was arrested. He's now charged with two counts of forgery, or forgtery as he'd spell it.

(Image: Rex Features)