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Panasonic’s new TVs are designed for Netflix

Automatically calibrated for a picture-perfect stream

Panasonic’s new TVs are designed for Netflix
28 June 2019

Once upon a time, the most important thing about a TV was whether it’d get a decent BBC signal. Nowadays, being able to stream Netflix is far more important and Panasonic has recognised that with its latest sets.

The company’s 2019 OLED TVs will support Netflix Calibrated Mode, a setting that automatically matches the picture settings to those used by Netflix’s post-production studio. The idea is that, in doing so, the picture you see at home will be closer to what the creator intended in terms of colours, contrast and motion.

The mode “applies to the entire Netflix catalogue including TV series, documentaries, films and more,” Panasonic says. It certainly beats sitting in front of the TV tweaking every little setting for hours, any way.

Sets supported are the GZ2000 series, GZ1500 series, GZ1000 series and GZ950 series. No, they’re not hugely memorable names, are they? You’ll probably need to check your order history. Interestingly, none of these appear in Netflix’s list of recommended TVs yet. More interestingly, Netflix has a list of recommended TVs – who knew?

If it is a deliberate snub, then Rob Caruso, Netflix’s vice president of device partnership engagement didn’t get the memo, saying: "Quality means everything to us, and we're thrilled to bring Netflix Calibrated Mode to Panasonic's OLED TVs so our members have the choice to experience amazing storytelling on Netflix in the most authentic way.”

Whatever set you binge watch Netflix box sets on, the service is now so packed with content is can be hard to know what to watch next. If you’re lost in a sea of icons, be sure to consult our list of the best Netflix TV shows for guidance.